Foodie Friday:  Doggy Desserts

Foodie Friday: Doggy Desserts

Some may say that my dog is spoiled, my daughter prefers to call him “overly loved.”  He gets a Frosty Paws frozen homemade treat just about every night when the rest of the family has their “bedtime snack.”  You can set a clock by him an when he sits by the fridge.  I was thrilled(…)

One Litte Dog’s Big Journey

One Litte Dog’s Big Journey

Looking for a tale that will inspire young readers?  Meet Gobi! In June 2016, Dion Leonard came to the world’s attention when a small, scrappy dog became his unlikely companion throughout the Gobi Desert Run in China. Named Gobi for the desert in which he found her, in treacherous conditions and across raging rivers Gobi(…)

My Amazing Adventures with Dorothy in Oz

Have you ever wondered about The Wizard of Oz from Toto’s point of view?  Well wonder no longer, Steve Metzger has brought us Toto’s Story:  My Amazing Adventures with Dorothy in Oz.  Meet Toto as you’ve never seen him before! In this new chapter book, Toto tells us what really happened when he and Dorothy(…)

Thursday Book Roundup:  Dogs in Cars and More

Thursday Book Roundup: Dogs in Cars and More

Thursday Book Roundup For 3-7 year olds Join these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles. Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes, while they wreak havoc on the streets in some pretty recognizable locomotives! Felix Massie is a London-based artist and director(…)

Freedom of the Leash

Freedom of the Leash

Dog walking and playing just became easier! Your furry friend can now run and play in open spaces while you are completely hands-free! Perfect for summer beach trips, road trips or workouts, the Leisure Leash allows you to engage in any activity with your companion without the hassle of maneuvering around extra leash material or(…)