I’m a Dayton Mom – Katie Kenney

I’m a Dayton Mom – Katie Kenney

I was born Kathleen, but my family calls me Katie and my biggest fans call me Mommy. I’m a Dayton native, born at Kettering Hospital, raised in Centerville and am proud to say I still live in warm and cheerful (Go Elks!). My husband Scott and I fell in love in high school and were(…)

Are you ready to Pay It Forward?

I think we all get excited at the end of the year as it’s a time of giving, and we give.  What about the rest of the year? wants to challenge you to get involved in your local community and teach your kids to Pay It Forward. Beginning next week, we will begin to(…)

Every Mom Has a Story

Every mom has a story. will be sharing those stories beginning January 2013.  Each is so unique – you won’t want to miss one! Willing to share your story?  Send your story and photo to submissions (at)  Know of a Dayton Mom that we should feature?  Send us her name and contact information to contact (at)(…)

5 Spots to scout out new Mom Friends

 Make new friends, but keep the old….relationships change when you have children. Friends you used to party with keep going out while you’re up all night with a newborn. They eventually get tired of hearing you talk about your baby and find excuses to avoid your long standing lunch date. While not all friendships suffer(…)