Tailgating Fever – Part X – Collegiate Pasta Salad

I love going to tailgate parties in part because I get great recipes and ideas!  This past weekend, we were at a tailgate party and the host had Ohio State Buckeye pasta salad!  It was awesome to see the Ohio State “O” in white and red!  Not only a tasty side dish, but a decoration as well.  (Note, there was also the “other teams” pasta salad on the table too so that fans could eat the competition!)

Not being shy, I asked the hostess where she found the pasta and lo and behold it was from the Pasta Shoppe in Nashville, TN.  No, she doesn’t travel there, she buys it online.  Funny, I know about them, I just didn’t know that they did collegiate pasta salad.  (Our family favorite is their Chicken Noodle Soup – we will talk about that in a later post.) Anyway, the pasta includes 3 different recipes, all serving 6-8 and able to be made in approximately 15 minutes.  The pasta comes packaged with the pasta and game day vinaigrette mix!

She had made the pasta in the Vinaigrette version using the enclosed seasoning packet, red wine vinegar and olive oil.  Easy as pie, or pasta, I guess.  In the past, she has used some add-ins as well and has served the pasta salad with cucumber and additional peppers for color.

I did notice on the packaging that the company had included an additional 3 recipes on the inside of the wrapper.  Not wanting to disassemble my friends product, I will just have to wait to see what those are!

This was a great find and a perfect addition to our Tailgating Fever series, so I just had to share it with you.  I will be on the website this coming week with The Pasta Shoppe to see what else they have in their wide array of products that I didn’t know about.  I do know they have a great fundraising program and I will be sharing about that on October 31st.  If you are looking for a great (and easy) program with high return, make sure to stop back by and see the write up.