Take Aim with the Rubber Band Game

rubber band game

You Remember Fun Don’t You?

Special thanks to the Ann Williams group for sending this over as a recommended boredom buster for summer.  We played this with a multi-generational group during our review play date.  While the game is recommended for 8 and up, we had a 7 year old who loved it.  We had kids and adults playing and laughing.  We found out that Grandma is one mean rubber band shooter!  There really are a lot of ways to play this game, so it never gets old.  This would be a great game to play at family barbecues over the summer as it can be played inside or outside.

12 blocks. 250 rubber bands. Over 20 ways to play with 1 crazy fun game. With so many ways to play, there’s something for everyone—from beginners to advanced players. Just roll the dice, take aim and let the laughter and craziness begin. How good is your aim? Will your awesome rubber band skills win? Who will be laughing so hard they won’t care? Find out!

• Game includes 2 dice, 12 blocks, 4 aiming sticks, and 250 rubber bands.

• Stack the numbered cubes, roll the dice, take aim, and knock down your numbered block to win…

• …or play a speed round for some real knock down fun!

• It’s game on every time!

• 2-8 players