Family Storytime: Thanksgiving in the Woods

Thanksgiving in the woodsWhat is Thanksgiving like at your house?  What do you think it was like for the original settler’s and indians?  Can you imagine having Thanksgiving outside?  Today, we introduce you to Thanksgiving in the Woods from Spark House Family Publishing.

This charming book is beautifully illustrated and may have your kids asking for the next Thanksgiving to be held in the woods.  They will enjoy reading along and filling in the words.

Every year a family and their friends gather in the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving among the trees. Everyone brings something to share and the day becomes a long celebration of family, faith, and friendship. This picture book includes warm illustrations of people gathered around bonfires and long tables adorned with candles and food, singing songs and sharing laughter.

Thanksgiving in the Woods is based on the true story of a family in Upstate New York who has hosted an outdoor Thanksgiving feast in the woods on their farm for over twenty years.

About the Author

Phyllis Alsdurf is a writer, editor and former college journalism professor. She has enjoyed many Thanksgivings in the woods on her brother and sister-in-law’s farm in upstate New York. Her picture book “It’s Milking Time” (Random House, 2012) is based on her experiences growing up on a Minnesota dairy farm.

Jenny Lovlie is a Norwegian illustrator, designer, creative, foodie and bird enthusiast! Her work is fun and colorful with lots of animals, brave kids, and plants in all shapes and sizes. Jenny is fascinated by the strong bond between humans, animals and nature.