The Answers Are In Your Face

oddly obviousWe love games!  Our game closet is huge and the variety is second to none.  Of course, we are always adding to it because we just keep finding the coolest games.  One of our favorite game companies is  Endless Games.  One of our favorite games by them is Oddly Obvious.

Just the name of the game may have you wondering.  This is a wild new party game where the answers are all in your face!

About the Game

We give you the clues! We give you the answers!One person reads the clues, while all other players race to spot the correct answer on the game card. Just be the first person to identify and shout out the most correct answers to win!



  • 147 Game Cards
  • 5 Correct Answer Tokens
  • 1 Card Stand
  • Instructions

For 3 or more players. Ages 12 and up.

While the box states it is for ages 12 and up, we’ve had a 7 and 9 year old play it and they did quite well.  This is a fun game to work on vocabulary and stir up some laughs.  For some of the answers, you have to have a quick wit and think outside the box.  Hearing the answer after being stumped by the clue makes anyone feel a little silly.