The Four Bears #BookReview

The Four Bears

About the Book:

It’s Mayhem and Merriment in the forest today. Berries are being picked (and eaten), chores may be getting done, or maybe not! A fast game of Tiddly Winks is a family challenge. A warm family tale of The Four Bears in their family forest home. A busy day before the Bear family settles down for a long winter’s night.

About the Author:

Award-winning author Susan Pace-Koch has added a new family friendly tale to her ever-growing popular library of children’s books. You’ll see particular attention to detail with the fabulous and sought-after illustrators chosen by Get Out Books. Look for Mischievous Kids, Pie-baking Pigs, Sleepy-time tales and Mermaids with Moons in the Get Out Books Library.

Why we LOVE this book:

We have featured several of Susan’s books here on Mom-Spot and we are BIG fans.  Susan has a great voice and way of telling fun tales that delight children and adults alike.  The illustrations alone can keep your kids busy for hours with their detail and whimsy.  The characters are always a delight and depict the story beautifully.