The Mapmaker Chronicles a Swashbuckling New Trilogy

mapmaker book 1Looking for a great fiction series for your 9-14-year-old.  Look no further than the trilogy:  The Mapmaker Chronicles. Adventure and danger lie just off the edge of the map in this swashbuckling new trilogy. These books include part fantasy quest and part peril on the high seas.  Your young reader will love the mystery, monsters murder and mayhem that appeals equally to girls and boys.

Book 1:  Race t the End of the World

A map of the world?  Why did the King want that?  Everyone knew if you went too far in either direction you’d fall off the edge, into the jaws of Genesi, the fire-breathing dragon.

The king has promised a prize to the ship’s captain who can bring him a map of the whole globe.  To do that, they’ll need map makers – and farm boy Quinn is shocked to be one of the chosen.

Quinn is content with his quiet life, but when the King’s advisor discovers the special talent he has tried to keep secret he has no choice but to join the ragtag crew of slaves and stowaways o the Libertas.

On board, Quinn faces the greatest challenges he’s ever known – from the strange sea monster hot on their trail to the other competitors, who will do anything to win.  But the greatest danger may be lying in wait, just off the edge of the map…

Mapmaker Chronicles Book 2
Book 2: Prisoner of the Black Hawk

In the second book in this thrilling series, mapmaker Quinn is far from home in an exotic land filled with dangerous creatures and ruthless enemies.

When he is betrayed by someone close to him and comes face-to-face with bloodthirsty pirates, he has to decide once and for all who is a friend and who is a foe….

mapmaker book 3
Book 3: Breath of the Dragon

The prize for winning the race around the world is almost within reach. But sometimes the biggest danger can lie close to home.

Quinn, Ash, Zain and the crew of the Libertas are racing against the clock to get back to Verdania before the King’s deadline. Will they make it in time? Will Quinn complete the first map of the whole world? Will Zain bring back enough treasure to satisfy the King? Will they win the race to the end of the world?Or will their enemies stop them from getting back at all?

For fans of international bestseller John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books.

The first book in the series was named one of the best middle-grade books of 2014 by Readings.

‘Not since Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest series has there been such an exciting adventure tale from an Australian author. Echoes of Robinson Crusoe make this feel like a classic with a new twist, and it’s perfect for readers aged 8 to 12 who are looking for some escapism in the sea of contemporary stories’ – Readings on Prisoner of the Black Hawk