The Mermaid and the Moon #BookReview

Mermaid and the MoonAbout the Book:

The little Mermaid, Marnie, is afraid of the Moon, who is so Big, so Bright and so Far Away. She gets tangled in a fisherman’s net and escapes with the help of the light of the Moon. She and her friends, the Merkids, team up to help Martin, the Moon, rescue a Tugboat. Story of teamwork, challenges, friendships and diversity.

About the Author:

Susan Pace-Koch writes award-winning children’s books. Illustrated by the best emerging and established artists, Get Out Books is known for sophisticated art that is terrifically fun. There is beauty in the art, and a story in the words!


Why We LOVE this book:

  • Beautiful illustrations that bring the story to life
  • A great book to read aloud to the kids anytime of day
  • A fun story that teaches about friendship
  • Loveable characters