The Negg: Egg Peeling Simplified

neggMy family likes eggs, but we dislike peeling them when boiled or preparing them in our favorite recipe.  That was then and this is now – we love peeling them thanks to The Negg.

The Negg is the newest innovation to peel hard boiled eggs! Touted as ‘The World’s Greatest Egg Peeler,’ The Negg takes the frustration out of peeling hard-boiled eggs so you can whip up deviled eggs and more quicker than ever. As a bonus – kids love it! Invite your little helpers into the kitchen to lend a hand with this fun and safe cooking solution. The Negg’s patent-pending design includes egg-shaped bumps on the inside to help facilitate the removal of the shell. Made in the USA and BPA free, The Negg is not only great for entertaining, but a must-have tool for everyday use. Check it out at

I am so excited to have this little gadget in my kitchen.  Now, eggs are even more popular in our house!  The Negg is easy to use and the kids love it.  It’s also easy to clean. How does it work?

You simply place a 1/4 cup of water into the Negg, add your cooked egg, snap on the cap and shake.  You will need to shake The Negg so that the egg hits the top and bottom cap.  The shell will soften and then you can slide the egg free from its shell.  No more peeling.  Most of the time we used The Negg, the shell was completely separated from the egg, so no sliding or peeling required in any manner.

If you are looking to make the perfect hard-boiled egg, try this:

Boil enough water in a pot to cover your eggs plus one more inch.

Place eggs carefully into boiling water.

Cook 12 minutes (for large eggs)

Chill in cold water or in an ice bath for 5 minutes.