The Principal’s Underwear is Missing

principals underwearWe get a lot of books that come across our review desk.  We share those with you that we fall in love with.  We try to put some of them together in posts that are related – mysteries for kids, books about pets, wanderlust books, etc.  There are times that a book just comes out of the blue and tickles our funny bone and we just can’t wait to pair it with something else or hold it until it fits into the editorial calendar.  Today’s book is just that!!

The Principal’s Underwear is Missing

When you’re a sixth-grade nobody, the last person you want to accidentally zonk with a volleyball is Sloan “Selfie” St. Clair–the eighth-grade glamour queen of the school. But that’s what happens to Becca Birnbaum, and it only gets worse when she tries to do Selfie a favor. She grabs the wrong shopping bag from the principal’s office — one containing a very personal item. and even that might not be so bad, if only Selfie didn’t immediately lose it.

If they don’t get it back ASAP, they’re toast. They try not to panic–until they hear that the Biggest Prank Ever is about to happen. Can the school’s oddest couple stop the disaster of a lifetime?

We love the cartoon insertions and the hilarious characters that are not so predictable in this caper.  The book shows the good that can come from keeping an open mind and not judging a person by their appearance or what you think you know about them.

About the Author

Holly Kowitt has written more than fifty books for younger readers. Her newest book is THE PRINCIPAL’S UNDERWEAR IS MISSING, a hilarious story for 8-12 year olds heavily illustrated with cartoons. She is also author of the bestselling series, THE LOSER LIST.

She grew up in Evanston, Illinois and graduated from Brown University. She lives in New York City, where she enjoys cycling, flea markets and West coast swing dancing.