The Rhyme, Laugh & Learn Series

The “Rhyme, Laugh and Learn” series offers readers a journey of fun and laughter through creative rhyme and vibrant illustrations.  The memorable language and whimsical images provide a truly entertaining way to learn, gently absorbing some basic life lessons ~ to be a friend, work hard to succeed, be comfortable with who you are.

tale of the yellow moonJimmy & Jane and The Tale of the Yellow Moon

This colorful, humorous story from the Rhyme, Laugh and Learn series reveals the unusual daily eating habits of the moon-dwelling Lunatrons. It is these habits that twinsJimmy and Jane discover give the moon its yellowish tinge visible on a dark starry night. But when the Lunatrons regular lunar diet is disrupted,  that once yellow tinge morphs into green, orange and an ever -widening array of colors and patterns.

The Pennydale Zoo Great Talent Contest

A fun visit to the Pennydale Zoo brings even more excitement when Juniper Mouse discovers the Zoo’s very own Great Talent Contest. Anyone can enter and that means Juniper too.  But what will happen? Is there enough time to practice?  From Gerald the giraffe trying to make a rabbit disappear to a quartet of singing camels and a nut-juggling turtle, the story has hilarious consequences under the guidance of head judge, Big Paws Galore, a fearsome lion with a terrifying roar. The creative store for children ages 4-8 shows that one CAN succeed with determination and practice. Even the underdog (or mouse!) can rise to the top.

normal ninaNormal Nina and the Magic Box

Mom’s Choice Gold Award-Winner. Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Or wished for something that you didn’t have? Normal Nina knows all about it. She is just a regular person that people don’t notice or appreciate for the regular things that she does. There’s certainly nothing fun about that. So, when Nina discovers a strange magic box outside her house and meets the blue-masked genie who lives there, she knows exactly what her three wishes will be. And there’s nothing normal about them at all! This delightful story for children ages 4-8 shows that exciting adventures can be fun but being normal has its good points too.   Written entirely in verse with delicate, detailed illustrations, Gelos Publishing delivers creative books for preschool and early elementary school students, with a valuable life lesson for children and their families. Strong endorsements from educators, elementary school teachers and school librarians. All books in the series include activity pages following the story to extend the learning for the home or classroom.