There is No Such Thing as Hot Coffee & Other Teacher Truths

There is no such thing as hot coffee and other teacher truthsNow that school is back in for most,  I am certain that teachers are coming home each and every night with some sort of story from their classroom or that of their colleague.  As you think of how much time your kids spend with teachers and what they must see, remember them during the holidays and Teacher Appreciation Day.  Store this little gem away and give it with a note of thanks to your child’s teacher for all they do for them and you! Available September 19th at a bookstore near you!

Is it Friday yet? Get ready to go behind the desk with this insiders look at at year in the life of an everyday educator. Written for teachers by teachers, this hilarious snapshot into the lives of the overworked and underpaid will have you laughing so loud, you’ll worry it might get confiscated.

  • Hear! The same question be asked over and over again.
  • Feel! The strange allure of the laminator!
  • See! Paper Mountain as it grows before your bloodshot eyes!

Full of administrative frustration, madcap humor; and heartfelt love for the most underappreciated profession of them all, Teachers is the perfect gift for that special someone who spends all day with your kids.

The book features:

  • Chapters on how you know you’re a teacher, the first day of school, school supplies, Sundays, teachers’ bank accounts, and summer.
  • Laugh out loud funny anecdotes about the cold hard truths of being a teacher.

Bored Teachers is a platform for educators to escape and find humor in the frustration and exhaustion that comes with the profession. It’s inspired by the sweat, the tears, and the unrelenting passion of underpaid and overworked teachers all over. It’s a portal to share laughter, release stress, and empower/celebrate all who dedicate their lives to shape the young minds of our future leaders. Learn more at