These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Things

Here at Mom-Spot we are on a first name basis with our mail carrier, UPS driver and FedEx delivery person.  It’s like Christmas everyday and we just never know what is going to arrive.  Here are a few of our favorites that arrived this week.


RainscarfWe have had an exceptionally wet winter with much more rain than snow. I am not complaining about that, I would take rain over snow any day of the week. It just makes me wonder what our spring will look like? I think it will be overly wet with a lot of rain. In preparing for spring, I wanted to share with you the RainScarf. This is a wonderful reversible scarf that keeps your head dry. This scarf becomes hooded & rainproof in 2 easy steps! It is a must have for your spring wardrobe.

Fashionable scarf in the sun-shine and water-resistant hood and shawl in the rain and snow.  2 water-resistant zippered pockets.  

  • Machine washable
  • Color Choices: Black, Indigo, Gray, Plaid, Burgundy, Tan or Pink
  • Scarf Material: 100% Polyethylene
  • Rain Material: 100% Polyester
  • Care: Machine Wash Cold. Tumble dry low
  • Measurements:  Approx. 73″L x 8″W

<h2>Lux Baby Bottle</h2>

Lux Baby BottleLUX baby bottle is highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Latching onto a natural nipple is natural to most babies, but for some it is difficult and a bottle has to be used as a substitution.

While the bottle isn’t as natural as mom, it can provide the comforts to satisfy baby’s natural desires to position mouth, their sucking rhythm, the nipple, and the milk release.

Latching is when the baby sucks the nipple back to their soft palate.

Many breastfeeding moms understand the importance of a good latch which leads to a milk let-down and a very satisfied baby.

The wide nipple base of the LUX bottle presses gently against your baby’s face and mimics the feel of the breast and provides a sealed latch to prevent air from being swallowed. After a feeding with the LUX baby bottle your baby will rest easier.

LUX baby bottles are great for moms who switch between breast- and bottle-feeding, as well as dads and grandparents and caregivers who want to establish a close bond with their baby.

The softness of the bottle helps to provide comfort and security for the baby. These bottles are especially great for relieving the symptoms of colic and gas.