Tips and Tricks for Static

static schmaticWith the weather changing, we’ve got more static than we know what to do with!!  Thank heavens for a great product called Static Schmatic.  This is an anti-static spray for kids and clothes.  Got static?  Here are some tips and tricks to take it on…..

What can you do with Static Schmatic to help fight static?

For hair, it’s perfect for maintaining your blow-out.  It doesn’t coat hair or leave any build up.  It helps to maximize the lifespan of the blow-out by keeping hair in place.  Spray it directly on your hair brush or directly on your hair.

For kids hair, it helps to tame messy, knotty bedhead.  The natural aloe loosens the tangles and the sweet vanilla scent makes their heads smell so good.  It’s a light smell that won’t over power you or the kids.

For backpacks, you can spray it inside to help tackle bacteria and smells from wet clothes.

For clothes, use this in the dressing room when trying on clothing.  It’s frustrating to try thing son and not be sure how they are going to fit when they are clinging to you.  This is also an excellent alternative to dryer sheets.  When you spray your clothes while folding, they are static free and ready to go.  No extra pieces clinging to you for dear life.

For the house, spray this on new carpets as they’re often full of static electricity.

For pets, it’s great for a pet’s bed.  They often suffer from static shocks because they nest and dig to make themselves comfortable.  There is no odor, and it’s safe on fabrics.

For the closet, spray to keep clothes hanging straight without static cling.

So many uses for this product!  How would you use it?