Ultimate Guide to Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks & Activities

fidget spinners coverFidget spinners are the palm-sized spinning gadget flipping the toy industry upside down.  Fidget spinners are still best-sellers in the toys department of Amazon. The addictive palm-sized toy’s popularity has spread like wildfire. In fact, the toy industry has seen sales over $500m since the trend took off this spring.

Kids and adults alike enjoy Fidget Sinners for their fun and de-stressing qualities, but also to invent and show off tricks.  The activity has been met with a mixture of positivity and also criticism. Some say the toy is great for concentration while others argue it’s just another distraction. I’d like to add to the argument that fidget spinners are a positive and useful toy for children.

A toy that gets children up and away from their screens is a good thing. Alan Giagnocavo, publisher of the new book Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities, agrees saying, “Fidget spinners are actually wonderful tools that can help kids learn. We all want crafts and activities to reduce the amount of screen time for our kids. The mental benefits of working with your hands in some way in the physical world has been known for centuries. And increasingly, science is able to measure and demonstrate this fact that we have known all along.”

fidget spinner trick 1Fidget spinners are great for getting kids off devices, but they offer another benefit: social interaction. Children enjoy collecting toys, whether they be Pokémon characters, Beanie Babies, or Pogs, and sharing their finds with their peers. With fidget spinners, children may children like to show off their moves or compete with one another on tricks and stunts. This is one reason Giagnocavo and his team made the decision to include a trick checklist section in their new book. Spreads are provided where friends can respectively track their tricks and time.

A simple toy made with a few pieces of plastic is not only getting children to work with their hands, it’s helping children become connected to one another in an increasingly complex digital world.

If you are a fan of Fidget Spinners and they are in your home, you need to pick up this book.  It has over 50 great tricks and games for the beginner through advanced.  There is also additional information on how fidget spinning provides mind and body benefits as well as instructions for how to care fr and customize your Fidget Spinners.  We love that the book starts off by explaining how fidget spinners work – with this understanding, you know how to better utilize this fun toy. Bring this book out with a few fidget spinners and you will be Mom or Dad of the year.  Have fun with the family or add this to a group “play date” for your kids.

fidget spinner trick 2Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks and Activities by “Pro Fidgeter” David King is available now. Visit www.fidgetspinnertricksandstunts.com for special orders and to stay up to date.