Unique Gift Ideas for Newborns

feet-619534_640Unique Gift Ideas for Newborns

All moms-to-be appreciate the gifts they receive for their new baby. You can never have too many diapers, wipes, or baby blankets. However, everyone wants to find that special gift. It’s just like birthdays and other special occasions; you search for something a little different and unique. Here are some ideas that are definitely different and will be greatly appreciated by the new parents.

Unique and Useful is the Key

What are three things that are extremely important to newborns besides eating, of course? Sleeping, being changed, and having everything you need when taking them to Grandma’s ranks at the top of the list. A diaper bag that holds all the essentials is a must. But, there are diaper bags that can double as a changing table and a portable bassinet. This is definitely a gift that will come in handy.

For moms on the go, a bottle warmer that requires no electricity is a gift that will be used over and over. Whether taking the baby to the grocery, for a doctor visit, or to the mall, it is quite likely he or she will decide it is time for a bottle. Rather than trying to figure out how you are going to warm a bottle, a portable bottle warmer will do the trick.

Babies require a lot of things from blankets to lotion, socks, and toys. Why not choose a gift with a variety of items for the newborn as well as a gift for mom? As a starter for many of the things that will come in handy, this is a thoughtful and useful choice for the new mom. Sandy’s Gifts and Hampers is an example of a company that offers baby hampers.

As all new moms know, baby’s fingernails grow rapidly. Short of putting mittens on their hands repeatedly because they always seem to pull them off, a nail trimmer that operates on batteries is a very useful gift. It is simple to use and gentle to small fingers. Keeping the baby’s fingernails trimmed stops them from scratching themselves constantly.

Strollers and car seats are two more essential baby items. It is a hassle loading everything in the car every time you want to go to the store, shopping, or to the park. Why not choose a combination car seat and stroller? The car seat keeps baby safe and secure during the ride. Once you reach your destination, remove the seat, and fold out the stroller. Set off on your daily adventures.

Everyone wants to buy toys for the new baby. How about a toy that offers music, a heartbeat, and other sounds to help baby get to sleep? This is a gift that may just be a lifesaver for new mothers with babies that don’t want to sleep at night. Activated by motion, this is a new twist on stuffed animals. It can help to calm and soothe your baby so both of you can get a good nights sleep.

Selecting a gift for a newborn is not always easy. If a friend or family member is hosting a baby shower, it is not uncommon for the expectant mother to get more than one of the same thing. By choosing something a little different than the typical gifts, you will be providing the baby with a unique gift. In addition, it will be something that is useful.