Venturing Away From The Ranch

Giant Rocking Chair

Today, we had a great day at the ranch with another trail ride in the sun!  Afterwards, we enjoyed a stagecoach ride and a visit to the puppies to visit Tasha, Maggie and Collin.  After a morning of fun and sun, we decided to venture off the ranch and check out a Market and Petting Farm that has a sign posted just outside of our resort.

Our adventure today for several hours was Lewis Farm Market.  This great attraction has a ton of activities that will provide hours of fun for families with children of any age.  They also have amazing looking fruits and vegetables, not to mention their baked goods.  We picked up a bag of rainbow popcorn kernels to pop at home in the popper!  Who can pass up Grandma’s homemade fudge – snickers, mint, peanut butter passion and so many more, including pumpkin.  We were honored enough to meet Grandma herself, who graciously shared some of the history of the farm.

We ventured out back and checked out their hilarious chicken show.  Picture the Tiki Room at Disney, only with chickens.  Fun songs with a twist of comedy.  Cute and probably more aimed at the younger kids.  Hannah and I laughed at the goofiness of it however.  There’s also this incredibly fun giant rocking chair, pedal carts and an amazing petting farm.


We met a lot of fun animals including a zebra, tons of goats, a wallaby and a couple of alpacas.  The camel, by far, was our favorite.  Jeffie has is

Hannahand Jeffie the Camel

a family pet as are all of the animals.  Jeffie joined the Lewis family when he was just 6 days old and was hand fed twice a day.  Jeffie is the talk of the farm by most of the guests visiting.  Talking to a young 2 year old girl, I asked what was her favorite thing about the farm, and at the top of her lungs and a huge smile, she said, “The Camel.”  Jeffie apparently got out of his pen once and not knowing exactly what to do took a walk next door and went up on the porch, wanting to come inside and watch some television.  According to Grandpa Lewis who told this story with a chuckle, at least the home Jeffie visited was his daughters!

One of the most unique things we got to experience at the Lewis Farm was the large jumping pillow.  Imagine a trampoline at ground level, but looking like a large pillow.  This was always packed with children who equate it to “running on the moon” and “so much better than a bounce house.”  Hannah enjoyed running the length, jumping sky high, rolling down the sides and just being silly on this enormous pillow.  There really are not proper words to describe this fun activity for kids and adults alike.

Jumping Pillow

If you ever find yourself in this part of the country, you have to visit the Lewis Farm.  In the fall they have a huge corn maze with very intricate designs, pumpkin chucking and so much more!  For more information about this great family attraction, check them out at

We had a great time and I am sure your family will as well!

(P.S.  It’s day 3 and I have survived 2 trail rides and still have the ability to walk, stand and sit.  However, there are bones in my hind quarters I don’t think I knew I ever had or could feel!)