Thursday Book Roundup: Dogs in Cars and More

Thursday Book Roundup

For 3-7 year olds

Dogs in CarsJoin these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles. Count to one hundred through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to great danes, while they wreak havoc on the streets in some pretty recognizable locomotives!

Felix Massie is a London-based artist and director of animation at Nexus Productions.

Emmanuelle Walker is an animation director and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec. Her previous work for Flying Eye includes the bestselling Beautiful Birds.
Why We LOVE this book:

  • Fun way to teach counting to your 3-7 year old
  • Illustrations are fun and lively
  • Additional “can you count all of the….” in the book provided inside the back cover
  • Great to read with your child or one they can read alone

For 5 years and up

Lines on Nana's FaceIt’s granny’s birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried! But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories.

In this imaginative and charming story, Simona Ciraolo turns the lines from old age into little wrinkles of wonder and memory as a little girl learns all about the precious moments in her grandma’s life.

Simona Ciraolo is a Sardinian born author and illustrator whose witty and endearing tales recently won her the Sebastian Walker Award.


Why we LOVE this book

  • Illustrations appeal to multi-generations
  • An endearing conversation between grandmother and granddaughter
  • Great book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren

For 7-11 year olds

Professor Astrocat

Looking at the stars, do you dream of new worlds beyond our own? Would you like to explore distant planets, fly a rocket or try some chocolate quantum physics? Good news, Professor Astro Cat is here to help! Packed with amazing experiments, thrilling facts and create-your-own adventures, his Astronaut Space Camp offers a universe of excitement, and is bursting with ideas for a future at the frontiers of space!

Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator. He is a long-standing contributor to Nobrow and the author of two books, The Bento Bestiary and Ouroboros under the same imprint.


Why we LOVE this book:

  • Will keep your kids entertained for hours
  • Retro-inspired artwork
  • Nerdy Professor Astro Cat makes science fun for kids
  • Nurtures interest in space