Welcome to School and Ms. Abrams’ Everything Garden

Ms Abrams

Do you remember that first day of school where you didn’t know anyone in class?  Whether you were coming into a brand new school or entering a new classroom in a school you’ve already been attending, these milestones wreak havoc on a little one’s psyche.

Ms. Abrams Everything Garden is an illustrated children’s book and begins with a young child entering a new class where none of the children know each other.  The teacher, Ms Abrams, decides to involve the class in a garden project to familiarize themselves with each other.  Over the course of harvesting season they not only grow a garden but a lot of new friends as well.

Why we love this book:

  • The illustrations are drawn by the authors eighteen year old cousin
  • The story was inspired by the author’s third grade daughter
  • Kids can relate to this story on many levels
  • The story is told skillfully and is fun to read
  • Illustrates how children can work together as a team to create something unique

The book is available online at Xulonpress.com and other major book retailers; a trailer is also available to view on YouTube.

About the Author:

“Every year from the time my daughter attended Kindergarten until about the fourth grade the evening before the first day of school when the class lists were posted was almost like giving birth all over again (not really as bad but kind of).  It’s etched on my mind how awkward she was every morning making her way into the class proclaiming that she was in the worst class ever and never seeing any of her existing friends ever again.  However, in most situations, by about the third week, she’s made new friends and out Christmas list has grown by twenty two new friends.”

Lisa Colodny recently published her first novel, The Town Time Forgot and is working on a second fictional novel.  Prior to these publications, she spent a fair amount of time writing short stories about growing up in a small Kentucky town surrounded by numerous cousins and colorful characters.  Her cousin, Miss Ashley Scott (who illustrated the book) currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky and will be attending Western Kentucky University in the Fall.