What to Buy Your Partner for Your Anniversary

present-2891870_1280When you first get married, there can be a lot of excitement and ingenuity when it comes to your anniversary. You want to get your partner something that they will love and signifies the love you have for them. However, as time goes on, finding new and creative ways to celebrate your anniversary can be difficult. Rather than falling back on flowers or a nice card, try to think of alternative things that you can both enjoy. Here are a few ideas for those struggling with the anniversary gift.

Mini Break

Everyone loves a vacation, even if it’s only for a few days, and what better way to surprise someone than with a car waiting to take you away to somewhere sunny. Of course, there is a lot of planning involved in this type of gift, and it can quickly go wrong if they suspect anything. It isn’t just a matter of buying the tickets without them knowing; you also have to arrange the time off with their employers. You also need to decide if you are taking the children with you, or are they staying with relatives? Your partner might prefer some time alone to relax and enjoy their vacation, so you will need to arrange a babysitter as well. However, when the whole thing is arranged, and they are getting into the car, it will be worth all of the preparation.

A New Pet

Now, this idea is totally dependent on whether they want a new pet. If you are going to buy them a pet without knowing that they want one, then things could get awkward. However, if you know that they have always wanted a puppy or a kitten, then this can be a great anniversary gift for them. Many animal rescue centers will probably have just the pet you are looking for, and it is better than buying directly from a breeder. You might need to probe your partner a little to find out if they have any particular breed or color in mind, though they have probably seen ones before that they have liked. As well as the pet, you should also get all the things they will need such as food, toys, bowls, and beds. It is certainly a gift that will promote a big response on the day.

Indulge Their Hobby

It could be that their hobby has sometimes got in the way or even grown too big for the space you have. However, there is nothing they will appreciate more than you getting them something that will relate to their favorite pastime. It is important to know what they want so that you are not buying the same things again, or you can buy something totally different that blends in with their hobby. For example, if they have a love of reading mystery novels, then why not get them an Interactive Serial Mystery, they can collect it each week and solve the crimes.

Take Them to Try Something New

You most likely know the things they like, but what about those things they have always wanted to try? As a surprise, why not take them to do something new, such as go to a new restaurant or take them ice skating if they have never been before. It will be great fun trying new things, and they will be able to tick it off their bucket list. It makes things easier if you already know what they have always wanted to do, but if you aren’t sure, then try to think of something they might like, but be careful. Taking them on a hot air balloon ride if they are scared of heights might not be the best idea.

Create a Reunion Party

Many people do this for birthdays, but there is no reason it cannot also work for anniversaries. Try to get some of their old friends together so you can have a party; the further away their friends are, the better as they probably haven’t seen them for a long time. It will take a lot of organization to get everyone to a venue in time for a party, but it will be worth it when they all arrive. You could even make it a wedding reunion party be inviting as many from your original wedding as you can. It will give you all a chance to meet up again and catch up if you haven’t seen them for a while.

Take Them to the Theater

If they love going to see shows and plays at the theater, then why not take them to a special show. Although there are probably many theaters near where you live, take them to one in the nearest big city. It will make it more special if they are traveling to a big theater to see someone they like or a show that they have been waiting to see. While you are up there, you can take in the sights and have a meal to make it a perfect day. Sometimes if you ask in advance, the theater will allow you to go backstage to speak to the cast. On occasion such as a wedding anniversary, they are most likely to allow it.

A Gift Linked to the Wedding Anniversary

If you look on the internet, there is a list of what each year of your wedding anniversary represents such as diamond, ruby and golden. One way that you can celebrate is to get your partner something along the theme of your wedding year. For example, if your year is glass, then why not get them a specially engraved glass or laser 3D engraved picture of the two of you. It will be a reminder of the year of your anniversary, and it will give you ideas for future years as well.

If money is tight, then you don’t have to spend a fortune on presents. Just a nice meal cooked at home and some time to relax will go a long way.