Word Games for the Entire Family

One of our favorite game companies is US Games Systems out of Connecticut.  They have a variety of games, all of which are fun and interactive for the entire family.  Special thanks to them for sending over word games when we contacted them and asked for games to help prevent summer slide and introduce learning in a fun environment.  Here are fun games all associated with making words fun and educational!

Dicewords – the word game in your pocket

DicewordsThis fun game is compact and great for traveling.  You can play with any number of players and recommended age is 8 to 108.  Easy to learn and fun to play. A new family word game which can be played anywhere at anytime.  How do you play?

Roll all nine alphabet dice to start building a word.

Keep the letters you need and re-roll the others.

Decide on which letters you will keep to make a word and which dice you will re-roll by checking the Dice Table. The color-coded Dice Table shows you where the letters are that you need to complete your word.

You get two more tries.

After your third roll (or sooner if you want) score your word.

First, add up the values of the letters used in your word. Then, multiply this number by the number of letters in the word.

Example, the word QUEUE has a face value of 13. Multiply by 5 (five letters) to get 65 points.

This is a fun game that even a single child or adult can play to challenge themselves to build words.  It’s been great for my daughter who has difficulty spelling.  She loves seeing what words she can come up with and verifies them in the dictionary.  We also like playing this as a family and helping each other to build words when they role the dice.  We still keep score, but it’s a fun interactive way to play together.

Snatch-It Word GameSnatch-it
Every second counts and every letter’s up for grabs in this fast paced, word stealing, mad dash game. There’s no slowing down for taking turns or keeping score. When you see a word – shout it out and grab it! Beware, it may not be yours for long. Any player can add a letter and snatch your word at any time! As the words grow, so does the excitement.

Another great game to travel with as it’s compact and packaged in a tube. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Game requires at least 2 players. The game is easy to learn and encourages quick, creative thinking.

The simple instructions are printed right on the handy plastic tube containing 100 colorful letter tiles, making this an ideal game for family fun anywhere, anytime.

This is one addicting game.  While you are looking for words in the overturned tiles, someone may be looking to steal your words.  Beware of Grandma who is sneaky at this game and comes up with some pretty funny words in order to steal your tiles.  There are so many options with this game – alter the rules to make your own fun as well or adapt to your playing style.

World of WordsWOW – World of Words
This challenging new word game delivers fast-paced fun for two to six players. Unlike other word games, in WOW—World of Words, there’s no waiting for turns. When the timer starts, all players make as many words as they can in just one minute. Turn over a blue card for the first letter and turn over a red card for the last letter. Players score points for each unique word of five or more letters, with bonus points for longer words. Special cards add exciting twists. For ages 10 and up.

A compact game as it’s slightly larger than a deck of cards and thus great for traveling. We actually played this in the car as a fun interactive game to see how many words we could think of, awarding 1 point per word until all options were exhausted. We kept score using wipe off markers on our windows.