Welcome to the Mom-Spot.com network, a trusted resource for moms.  Together we share the highs and lows and everything in between to mastering motherhood!

Mom-Spot.com is owned and managed by Angela Addington.

I started blogging in June of 2012 after “graduating” from the non-profit world.  I wanted to develop a place for moms (and parents) to find the resources they needed.

Product Review Policy

Mom-Spot.com grew and began working with not only local but national brands and now does reviews of products and services.  We love giving our opinion on a large variety of products for parents, families and kids.  We provide thorough and honest reviews.  As we are a daily posting blog, we are always looking for content and new items to introduce to our readers.  We especially like products that make life easier, teach kids a new skill or instill fun into the family at large.

Items of particular interest include:

Games – board games, card games and video games

DVDs – movies the entire family can watch

Video Gaming – systems, components and video games

Electronic items – cameras, printers, cell phones, laptops, tablets, sound systems, gadgets, tvs

Household products – household decor and accessories, small appliances, laundry products, cooking and baking products, organizational tools, cleaning products

Mom products – totes, handbags, beauty items, clothing, shoes

Kids products – particularly items for tweens and teens and items dealing with STEM

If you have a product you would like Mom-Spot.com to review, please send an email prior to sending product.  If we are interested in reviewing your product, we will return your email with a mailing address to send your full size product samples.  We do require samples for all reviews.  Samples are not returned and you are responsible for all shipping costs involved.


If a giveaway of your product is included in the review, we request that you ship the prize directly to the winner.  Mom-Spot.com will supply you with the winner’s name and address for delivery.

Mom-Spot.com has a team of reviewers that will personally test your product and write a detailed blog post about the product and their use of said product.

Reviews are typically posted within 6-8 weeks of receipt of product unless otherwise negotiated, and a link to the review post will be sent to you.

Mom-Spot.com only accepts reviews that are appropriate to families and our readers.

Giveaway Policy

Mom-Spot.com is always looking for brands that would like to get the word out about their services or products.  We do offer the opportunity to do a giveaway on our blog.

Giveaways will be run for a minimum of 1 week for items valued between $50 and $100.  Giveaways valued at over $100 will run for up to three weeks.  Each giveaway is featured in its own post unless otherwise negotiated.

All giveaways ask readers to visit your website for an additional entry to the  giveaway.

We ask that you ship products directly to the winner.  You will be provided with the winner’s name and mailing address upon completion of the giveaway.  We ask that the items be shipped in a timely manner and recommend shipping within two weeks.  Our giveaways are only open to US residents.