Why Partner with Mom-Spot.com?

Mom-Spot.com is about community, education and fun.  We share resources, parenting advice as well as inform readers about local happenings and great products and services.  We post about the things parents want and need.  I also share my personal experiences, whether they are in the kitchen, traveling around the globe or teaching my daughter an important life lesson.

Mom-Spot.com was started in 2012 with a regional blog in Dayton, Ohio, followed a year later by a national blog.   We have seen a wonderful growth in readership and social media fans over the time we’ve been sharing valuable information.

I have a teenage daughter who is 16 and is exploring colleges while currently taking classes at the local community college.  She has set a rigorous schedule to train more diligently in the area of equestrian sports.  She has recently launched her own blog, The Geek Equestrian and goes by the tag line – A braniac in Breeches Who Loves Food.  Our household is balanced, somewhat, by a male dog, Marlin, and a horse named Gus who resides at the farm.

Brand Relationships

I’ve had the privilege of working with Beaches Resorts, Disney, Honey Baked Ham, and many more!

My daughter and I love to travel!  In the summer of 2014, we spent 10 days exploring Oahu, Hawaii and then 4 days discovering the jewel of Turks & Caicos.  We frequent anything Disney, including Walt Disney World and the Cruise Line.  2016 will find us staying a bit closer to home as we attend more horse shows and horse related events as well as expand into coverage of trade shows to network with more national brands.


  • 73% Female
  • 49% Between 25-44
  • 55% Have Kids
  • 68% College Degree or Higher

Product Reviews and Giveaways

Let our product review specialist review your product and introduce it to our readers!  Please contact Angela(at)Mom-Spot.com for consideration.  We review family friendly products, books,and services that help make being a mom easier!  We are selective in who we choose to work with and limit our reviews and giveaways.
Our product review and giveaway guidelines:

  • To do a proper review, we will need a sample product (value must be at least $50). If your product is valued at under $50, please contact us first to make arrangements.  This, along with product information, should be shipped directly to our product review specialist assigned to your product.
  • We will be happy to offer our readers an opportunity to win your products that are kid, mom or family friendly.
  • The sample product will not be returned. We will use the sample to be able to provide an honest and accurate review.
  • If we believe your product is not the quality our readers are looking for, we will contact you. We do not post negative reviews.
  • Your review will be posted per our editorial calendar availability.  At times this could mean that 4-6 weeks may elapse before your product review is posted on Mom-Spot.com once product has been received.
  • You will receive email notification once your review has been posted.
  • Products provided for giveaway should be shipped directly to our headquarters.

Restaurant  and Travel Reviews.  Please contact us at Angela(at)Mom-Spot.com to make arrangements.